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Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research was founded on 6 December 2016. It is the publishing house of the Nordic Association of Architectural Research (NAAR). Members of the NAAR Board make controlling decisions about which books will bear the imprint of the publishing house.

In keeping with the proud traditions of NAAR and its commitment to serve its members and the larger research community in the Nordic countries, Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research publishes original scientific articles and academic essays on architecture and its discourse. Its mission is to promote scholarly work.

NAAR publications embrace the highest academic standards, and books published by Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research are peer-reviewed following the same rigorous double-blind peer-review system, which is used for the association’s highly acclaimed scientific journal NJAR.

Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research is strictly reserved for NAAR’s own peer-reviewed publications in book form. Books may be written in English or any of the Nordic languages. Together with NJAR, the publishing house forms a unique platform for researchers in architecture in the Nordic countries.

The NAAR Proceedings Series published by Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research are fully open access books, which means that they are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the publishing house are properly credited.

Proceedings Series 2016-1

Aesthetics - The Uneasy Dimension in Architecture

This anthology is the proceedings publication from the 2013 NAF Symposium "Aesthetics, the Uneasy Dimension in Architecture".

Suggesting that critical discussion on aesthetics in architecture and architectural discourse has become marginalized or almost non-existent at many universities and schools of architecture, the symposium wished to address this matter and what it means to architecture and our notion of it. In a self-reflexive manner, it also wished to explore how this influences architectural research and the way architectural research is carried out in different research contexts.

Anne Elisabeth Toft and Magnus Rönn

Contributing authors:
Jonas E. Andersson, Minna Chudoba, Hege Charlotte Faber, Ævar Hardarson, Iida Kalakoski, Magnus Rönn, Anne Elisabeth Toft and Leif Östman

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