Vol. 16, No. 4 (2003)

History, Theory and Architecture

Temaredaktion: Elisabeth Tostrup og Christian Hermansen

Vol. 16, No. 4 (2003): History, Theory and Architecture

Table of Contents

Vol. 16, No. 4 (2003): History, Theory and Architecture, Theme: Editors' notes

Editors' Notes: History, Theory and Architecture PDF
Elisabeth Tostrup, Christian Hermansen
History, Historiography, Historicity [Introduction to the Section "History"] PDF
Johan Mňrtelius
From Vitruvius to Alberti: Systematic Thinking in Medieval Church Design PDF
J°rgen H. Jensenius
Authorship and Authority in L.B. Alberti's De re aedificatoria PDF
Tim Anstey
Re-Writing Landscape: Description as Theory in the Eighteenth Century Landscape Garden PDF
Katja Grillner
The Idea of History in Ildenfonso CerdÓ's Teoria General de la Urbanizaciˇn PDF
Christian Hermansen
Rum, stil og historicitet: Adolf Loos i historien PDF
Anders V. Munch
On Modernity and Modernism [Introduction to the Section "Modernity"] PDF
Erik Nygaard
The Fragile Monument: On Alois Riegl's Modern Cult of Monuments PDF
Thordis Arrhenius
Modernity vs. Tradition - or other Axes? PDF
Per Anders Aas
(historising) Theory [Introduction to the Section "Praxis"] PDF
Claes Caldenby
Functionalism and Technology. The Case of the Paimio Sanatorium PDF
Marianna Heikinheimo
Fred Forbat and the History of Functionalism PDF
Roger J÷nsson
Just so (hi)Stories: Oslo 2003 PDF
Micha Bandini