Nordic Journal of Architectural Research

Nordic Journal of Architectural Research publishes 2 issues per year (minimum), either issues with mixed papers or guest edited theme issues.

Publishing plan 2017

Mixed issue
To be published March 2017 

Theme Issue
Nordic Encounters: Travelling Ideas about Open Space Design and Planning
Anne Tietjen, Torben Dam, Signe Bøgild, Claus Bech-Danielsen
In review - to be published spring 2017 

Theme Issue
Transforming Site Methodologies
Shelley Smith and Daniel Koch

Theme Issue

Transformation and Renewal - The Postwar Neighborhoods
Claus Bech-Danielsen, Kirstine Brøgger Jensen and Patrick Martinussen


In preparation for 2018

Systems Landscape - from Region to Urban Districts
Madeleine Granvik, et al.

Research on Jørn Utzon's Architecture
Claus Bech-Danielsen


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