"Here you get a little extra push": The meaning of architectural quality in housing for the formerly homeless - a case study of Veiskillet in Trondheim, Norway

Åshild Lappegard Hauge, Eli Støa


The paper presents a case study of a housing project where special attention was paid to the use of architectural qualities to positively affect a user group of former criminals and drug addicts. The aim of the study is to examine the residents experience of these qualities, and the meaning this had for their identity and in providing motivation for change. The study shows that the user
group appreciates and takes extra care of quality materials and architecture, and that these qualities have an impact on identity. The physical environment
contributed to strengthening and motivating some residents in their new identity as non-criminals / non-drug addicts. An appealing housing situation may thus be an important contribution to motivation for change, due to environmental
characteristics that symbolize a positive social identity. This contribution is however dynamic, and dependent on other situational factors as well.

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