The Janus Face of Visualization

Hilkka Lehtonen


Do New Visualization Techniques and Interests of the Architects Meet in Visualization? In this article I will examine some central aspirations of the visualization techniques and relate them to the intentions which are apparent in the visualizations of some well-known and interesting postmodernist and deconstructionalist architects. From an architect's point of view, one can consider essential the media aspect provided by the new technology. In this aspect the ways of transmitting information and the development of communication possibilities play crucial roles. The article is based extensively on the so called Essu-project.*

* Essu-project (Aesthetically qualified environment and new planning techniques) has been a large project which deals with broad issues of architectural design, environmental planning and applied information technology. Technical Resarch Center of Finland. Laboratory of Urban Planning and Building Design. 1987-1991. Project leader: Hilkka Lehtonen.

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