Om at skabe tankevækkende viden - vidensformer mellem arkitekturens praksis og forskning. Et intervju med Kristian Kreiner

Inge Mette Kirkeby


On creating thought-provoking knowledge Knowledge forms between architectural practise and research. What kinds of knowledge architects use and how research can establish new knowledge valuable for architectural practice are questions that are necessarily inherent in architectural research; in this interview Kristian Kreiner gives his view of these questions. Professor Kristian Kreiner specialises in knowledge management at Copenhagen Business School and as head of the Center for Management Studies of the Building Process. He has conducted a wide range of projects concerning the building sector. One of many projects focuses on architectural competitions in particular. It is characteristic of the architectural profession, he says, that architects work with loosely structured problems. The knowledge used for design and decision-making is often impossible to define before a task is undertaken but may be defined in retrospective. Archimedean points, chosen by the architects, guide their problem solving. 'Good examples' are used as metaphors giving inspiration, and indicating in what directions solutions may be looked for. The researcher's task is not to replace knowledge that
people already have with 'better' knowledge, but to create thought-provoking knowledge.

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