Workplace Development as Design Work - about setting up a design theory project

Anders Mächs, Bertil Olsson, Marie Skans


In this article the setting up of a research project is discussed. The objective of this project is to contribute to a long term development of the process for change in working life. By proposing terms which in a new way can articulate the practice of working for change we want to throw light on new aspects, and thereby contribute to a purposeful development of this practice. We attempt to formulate a perspective, where workplace development is regarded as a creative task, a design process. Apart from our earlier experience, as an empirical basis for the research project we have chosen to utilise experience from the steel industry of Dalama, which is now in a dynamic stage of development with both new investment in technology, and attempts to develop competence and new forms of work organisation. In this article the research approach, which at the same time is the result of the research work to date, is presented. The objective is to thereby contribute to a broader discussion about how design research can be carried out.

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