Book reviews

Göran Wallén, Erik Nygaard, Claes Caldenby, Gertrud Olsson, Sten Gromark, Tao Wang


Göran Wallén:

Åsa Dahlin. On Architecture, Aesthetic Experience and the Embodied Mind. Seven Essays

Erik Nygaard:

Thomas A. Markus and Deborah Cameron. The Words between Spaces: Buildings and Language

Claes Caldenby:

Nina Berre. Fysiske idealer i norsk arkitektutdanning 1945-1970

Gertrud Olsson:

Mats Hultman. Seaside, Celebration och Windsor

Sten Gromark:

Antti Ahlava. Architecture in Consumer Society - Or Architecture and Cinema in Transmodern Culture: An Interpreative Approach based on Jean Baudrillard

Tao Wang:

Marianne Ibler. Gårdhavehuse i Beijing

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