nyansere norsk modernisme

Espen Johnsen


Nuances in Norwegian Modernism
The article raises some issues and discuss problems when writing about modern Norwegian architecture 19101940. Shall we for this period study parallel tendencies or focus strictly on tendencies toward an international Modernism? A paradox in the last 25 years has been that while we in Scandinavia have tried to write the early history of Modernism, writers abroad have focused more on parallel tendencies including National Romanticism and Scandinavian Doricism. Functionalism in Scandinavia during the 1930s has been seen as a stylistic dissipation in respond to the heroic modernistic formcredo. Are villas and furniture by Norwegian architects like Magnus Poulsson, Blakstad & Munthe-Kaas, Knut Knutsen and Arne Korsmo a part of late historicism, modernism or critical regionalism? The author argues for that in writing a history of Proto-Modernism and Modernism in Norwegian architecture it may be better if we use terms like National Traditionalism on works (190820) by Magnus Poulsson, Progressive Traditionalism on works (192025) by Blakstad & Munthe-Kaas and Romantic and Emotional Functionalism on works (193540) by Knut Knutsen and Arne Korsmo.

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