Territorial Complexity in Public Spaces - a Study of Territorial Production at Three Squares in Lund

Mattias Kärrholm


The object of this paper is to develop a discussion of territoriality
in the built environment as a way of dealing with issues of accessibility
and the public nature of urban space.1 A discussion of territoriality makes
it possible to deal with issues of spatial control and access in detail,
as well as to maintain some of the complexity in the discussion
by refraining from solely analysing these issues within the frame of one
given dichotomy such as the public/private distinction. My discussion
takes the form of an empirical study of territorial production
at three squares in Lund, Sweden.2 I focus on the relationship between
materiality and territoriality, and how different material actants (Latour
1998) support territorial production. Finally, I present a model regarding
public space as the product of territorial complexity.

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