Connecting Inside and Outside in Time-Based Dwelling

Birgit Jürgenhake


Connecting Inside and Outside in Time-Based Dwelling.
This paper discusses the complex role of the façade as a mediator between private and public space. The façade performs a dual function: it is the face of the residence while, at the same time, it serves as a intermediate space. A dwelling is first and foremost a place of shelter. However, men also has a physical and psychological need of the community. The façade is the element that allows the resident to choose the degree of contact he wants with the world around the dwelling. This article presents a brief overview of the layers in the façade which determine these levels of contact and which make the façade as complex as it is. Some historical and recent concepts are discussed within the context of the search for new housing concepts. Is it time to re-define the façade as an intermediary between indoors and outdoors and as the face towards the public domain?

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