Life transforms living transforms life

Sigrid Loch


Life transforms living transforms life.
Current innovative housing projects reflect, in a certain way, the strong interdependence between types of dwelling and the way people live. In transition toward an information society, the general conditions of living have decisively changed. Social and economic change, altering time structures and increasing flexibility at work have contributed to more heterogeneity, uncertainty and dynamic in professional and private life, resulting in heterogeneous and transitional living standards.
Today, the key impulse behind the new housing concepts evolves rather from these social processes than from technical innovations.
Flexible and adaptable types of housing play a dominant role in the built solutions. These concepts of housing offer a multitude of coexisting options as well as replacing the predetermined mutually exclusive alternatives either/or industrial society used to provide.
But the projects also show new ways of connecting factors of indeterminateness with factors of determinateness: in the important relationship between humans and their environment, anchorage is provided through orientation and foundation in housing.

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