Hvor ble det av proporsjonsbegrepet i arkitekturen?

Jørgen Jensenius


Where did the notion of proportions in architecture go?
The article discusses the concept of proportional systems and questions
their relevance in todays architecture. Proportion is traced
back in time through the history of mathematics, starting with the
fulfilment of practical needs in planning and design. The idealization
of numbers and ratios, as perfect numbers and ratios, were done
by the theorists. This axiomatic theoretical mathematics was often
intermixed with speculative, cosmological variants, belonging to a tradition
calling itself universal, abstract and general. Craftsmen, on the
other hand, seldom wrote down their constructive mathematics which
was based on their experiences. The paper concludes that systems
of proportions may be used, with or without adhering to a neoplatonic
view of the world.

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