Designing Architecture: A Potential Kinder Egg Adventure

Marianne Stang Våland


Designing architecture: a potential kinder egg adventure.
The purpose of this paper is twofold: to initiate a preliminary discussion
of how certain societal tendencies might influence the architectural
design process and the way contemporary architectural firms
organize their work, and to consider how these structural changes
can contribute to build a connection between the creation of architectural
design on the one hand, and the development in organizations
on the other. The point of departure is the initial study of an
architectural design process where new approaches to the act of
designing is being explored, and where end user participation serves
as a medium to investigate the potential relationship between the architectural
and the organizational. These new approaches potentially
represent an expansion of the traditional architectural product and
an opportunity to connect architecture to other professional contexts,
such as organizational design or management, but they might also
leave the architect profession with substantial challenges.

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