Om kvalitet i arkitektur - några forskningserfarenheter

Rolf Johansson, Magnus Rönn, Inga-Britt Werner


The presented research programme aimed at developing concepts and theory regarding architectural
quality. Quality is discussed by three different studies. The first is an analysis of quality criteria
for a Swedish architecture reward. Then architects views on quality management in the design process
were studied. The last study concerned debate on architecture in current daily press. The
changing perspectives highlight the diversity of how quality is perceived in the design and construction
process. The results are presented in five statements on architectural quality:
1) The use of the concept can appear unclear and confusing,
2) Quality is an open and evaluating concept,
3) The concept reflects a divide between architects and their customers,
4) It is a value laden concept, as are the criteria used by professional practitioners judging the built
environment and
5) Normative critique of architectures is based upon an external model, while interpreting critique is
based upon internal experience.

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