Emerging Architectural Makerspaces: Analysis and Design Strategies

Se Yan, Hing-Wah Chau, Clare Newton, Shiran Geng


This article examines contemporary architectural design strategies being implemented in emerging architectural makerspaces within selected architectural schools. A review of the literature provides three major perspectives for design-build pedagogy in present-day architectural education: engagement with the community, collaboration and learning materiality, along with digital fabrication tools. Corresponding design approaches include building porosity, the use of atria and built pedagogy. A comparative study of seven makerspaces was subsequently conducted in order to identify the challenges and opportunities for applying these design approaches. Showcasing the internal activities on the outside invites the public to engage in the making process. The inclusion of an atrium facilitates visibility and interaction amongst the participants. A careful selection of material and construction methods can raise students awareness and understanding of materiality and fabrication tools. Finally, these analyses are combined to produce a matrix of comparative studies for design guidelines. This article can serve as an impetus for further research in design-build pedagogy and the design of workshops.

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