Aalto through the Young Utzon's Eyes: The Role of Alvar Aalto in developing the Artistic Maturity of Jørn Utzon

Chiu Chen-Yu, Aino Niskanen, Nur Yildiz Kilincer


This article, as the first of this kind, explores the relationship between two Nordic master architects, Alvar Aalto and Jørn Utzon, with a focus on the role of Aalto in young Utzons architectural career. As a great admirer of Aalto, Utzon not only worked with Aalto but also studied Aaltos work in great detail. Based on the evidence found in archive collections and comparative analyses of their design projects, the authors argue that the influence of Aalto played an important role in the maturity of Utzons architectural philosophy and design, especially seen in various courtyard housing schemes, the Sydney Opera House and his thematic approach to design encapsulated in the Platforms and Plateaus manifesto.

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