Adapting Green-Blue Roofs to Nordic Climate

Bridget Thodesen, Tore Kvande, Helga Therese Tilley Tajet, Berit Time, Jardar Lohne


This paper reviews research literature on the subject of the potential role of green-­blue roofs within a Nordic urban environment, to find potential implications for stormwater handling of research carried out and knowledge gaps important for future research.
The research carried out has been based on a scoping literature review using the most relevant databases and search engines. In addition, a climate adaptation mapping of the Nordic countries was worked out in order to establish key characteristics and major framework conditions specific to the region.
The research literature on green­blue solutions in general was found to be rich. It proved more limited concerning the specific conditions of green-­blue roofs relevant within a Nordic urban environment. Three main functions were found to be sought after when introducing green-blue roofs, notably vegetation, insulation and water retention. Knowledge gaps were identified within all these three major areas of interest.

The limited research on the topic within a Nordic context has rendered the establishment of proper guidelines difficult. In order to address the challenges to which blue-­green solutions in general and blue-­green roofs in particular are thought to solve, further research is needed within areas pointed out within this paper.

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