"Surface Strategies" som landskabsurban metode

Rune Chr. Bach


This paper discusses James Corners idea of
surface strategies as a potential methodological
base in conceptualizing a Landscape
Urbanism-project in the context of urban development.
It is the thesis that this methodological starting
point can respond to the increasing demands to
a process-orientated planning practice. Because
it already in the concept development stage
embeds elements of flexibility and reflexion into
the architectural planning project, it is particularly
qualified to manage the dynamic urban
processes that dominate the practice of architectural
planning today.
The Landscape Urbanism discourse is shortly
introduced, with focus to the theoreticians and
practicians who tried to set out taxonomies for
Landscape Urbanism projects and their relation
to practice.
The three surface strategies are analyzed and
exemplified, and three different groupings of
handling demarcation are set up. The demarcations
are grouped according to their ability to
adapt and assimilate new and changed conditions
over time in the planning project.
In the end, design- and methodological guidelines
for the Landscape Urbanism approach and
the usage of the surface strategies in a reflexive
planning practice are staked out.

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