The 7th Nordic Planning Research Symposium PLANNORD

Crisis in planning/planning in crisis – a Nordic perspective

How can we understand the current state for spatial planning in the Nordic countries? Is planning and its institutions contested, or are we rather witnessing a revival?

The situation might be described as dual – on the one hand we can find accusations of planning as ineffective, inappropriate to meet contemporary challenges and needs, invalid in a market driven society and thus as an institution with low legitimacy; on the other hand as essential and preventive in meeting problems caused by climate change, urbanisation, segregation or insufficient transport systems. It is also sometimes considered as a driver of growth and sustainable development. Planning could thus be seen both as causing the problem and as the solution to the problem.

Currently we can detect partly different trends in the Nordic countries, due to changes in policies, legal systems and practice. Can we talk about Nordic planning as something with common conditions and interests?

We welcome papers from researchers, practitioners and PhD-students, elaborating on the overall theme of the symposium with special focus on the impact the on-going development may have on planning research, education, practice or/and the role of planner in a Nordic context. Also contributions with specific cases and examples from e.g. transport planning, environmental planning, social aspects in planning etc are welcome!

PlanNord, Stockholm 20-22 August 2015
Thursday 20th of August
9.00-12.00 PhD workshop
11.30-12.40 Lunch and registration
12.40-13.00 Welcome
13.00-13.30 Stockholm – challenges in urban development from a Swedish perspective. Niklas Svensson, City of Stockholm
13.30-14.30 Keynote The legacy of positivism and the emergence of interpretive tradition – a crisis for planning? Professor Simin Davoudi, Newcastle University
14.30-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-16.30 Parallel sessions
16.30-16.45 Refreshments
16.45-17.30 Panel discussion
17.30-19.00 Social program

Friday 21st of August
9.00-9.45 Keynote The Swedish planning system – challenges for the future. Professor Thomas Kalbro, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
9.45-10.15 Panel Nordic changes and challenges
10.15-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-12.15 Parallel sessions
12.15-13.45 Lunch
13.45-15.15 Parallel sessions  
15.15-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.30 Keynote  (TBC)
16.30 Information about the dinner
18.00-22.00 Social program: Conference dinner

Saturday 22nd of August
9.30-10.00 Coffee and exhibition (PhD students presentation)
10.00-10.45 Keynote Crisis in planning? Changes in planning and challenges for the role of the planner in England, Denmark and Sweden. Associate professor Kristina Grange, NMBU, Norway.
10.45-11.15 Panel Is there a common Nordic planning culture at all?
11.15-11.45 PLANNORD network – what will happen 2015-2017? Announcement of conference 2017
11.45-12 Summary and closing of the symposium
12.00 Lunch package
12.30- ca 15 Social program  

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Conference fees:
1200 SEK for PhD students employed in Swedish universities and other Swedish state institutions
1500 SEK (incl VAT 25%) for PhD students employed in universities outside Sweden
2400 SEK for participants employed in Swedish universities and other Swedish state institutions
3000 SEK (incl VAT 25%) for other participants employed in Sweden (in municipalities, private sector etc.) and participants from countries other than Sweden

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